What do we believe about teaching and learning?

We believe there are many ways to teach, learn, and present information; we believe in the concept of Multiple Intelligences.

We believe that instruction should be individualized to meet each child’s needs.

We believe that ultimately early childhood education should be fun.

We believe in utilising the latest research on best practices in education.

We believe that our teachers and managers are professionally trained educators who facilitate the growth and development of children.

We believe our school building should provide a safe, comfortable, clean and home-like atmosphere.

We believe in developing partnerships with parents through open communication, mutual trust and respect in a confidential manner.

We believe in promoting diversity and respect for all human differences.

We believe that quality early care and education is not expensive, it is priceless!


In our determination to provide a learning environment of the highest standard for our children, Ladybird has developed its own curriculum. This has incorporated elements of various teaching approaches from the United States and “The Foundation Stage Curriculum” used in the United Kingdom. The Ladybird curriculum meets the national standards for quality as defined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) USA and Office of Nation Education Standard and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) Thailand.

Our learning curriculum is child-initiated or teacher provoked, evolving with new insights and creating new possibilities. Our teaching curriculum is based on the developmental psychology of Jean Piaget, Stanlay Greenspan, Eric Erikson, and most significantly, Howard Gardner. We draw heavily on Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” and other current research on early childhood education and development, including concepts relating to emotional development.

Ladybird provides Nursery and Toddler children with what they need: a safe place with rich opportunities to use all their senses to explore new things freely.