Ladybird Differences

Teaching with Intelligences

Just as students are smart in different ways, they learn in different ways. If we only lecture, we inadvertently advantage our verbal/linguistic students at the expense of our other students. By extending our teaching repertoire to encompass all the intelligences, we make the content accessible to all of our students and give all students an equal opportunity to excel.

Developing the Intelligences

As a pluralistic society, we value the capabilities, products and end-states of all of the intelligences. Why, then, have some schools chosen to elevate the status of certain intelligences in the classroom while disregarding others? By broadening our curriculum in the classroom to include the development of all the intelligences, we help every student be all they can be.

Celebrating Uniqueness and Diversity

By teaching our students about their uniqueness and valuing diverse intelligences, we validate all students. Students enjoy a sense of self-worth, and more readily respect the uniqueness of others.

Ladybird provides Nursery and Toddler children with what they need: a safe place with rich opportunities to use all their senses to explore new things freely.